【Artists Online】 is one of the innovative e-commerce websites developed by the ART PLATFORM GROUP ONLINE that are bilingual in Chinese and English for fellow art creators in the fields of painting, photography and calligraphy as well as seal engraving, pottery and sculpture in three-dimensional category to exhibit their beautiful works of art permanently, reaching out to net citizens everywhere in the world, so that art lovers can view and purchase the elaborate works of the participating artists, on the other hand, for publishers and merchants to negotiate on art image copyright licencing for  various  commercial purposes, in order to generate financial benefits from the exhibiting art pieces and copyrights of artists' creations for all participating artists in this platform.

The Popularity of the artists certainly can be enhanced by participating in the long-term exhibitions on the innovative e-commerce art platforms founded and managed by the ART PLATFORM GROUP ONLINE as in addition to the innovative design of the platform website, adequate funds are allocated to pay for search engine optimizations regularly and constantly to achieve high ranking search results, as well as increasing quantity and improving quality of website traffic, in order to bring in higher numbers of appropriate visitors to the platforms.

Artists are welcome to provide two-dimensional and three-dimensional art pieces of various styles and categories, including fine art painting, calligraphy, seal engraving, sculpture, pottery and photography, for long-term exhibitions on this platform.

Artists' profiles and introductory write-ups for their exhibits are not limit in word counts, however the platform editors will re-edit and compose the information professionally in order to present all participants as outstanding professional artists.  Those exhibits that are without introductory write-ups or only comes with  a few words of brief introduction, the platform editors will make their best efforts to compose wonderful introductory articles that will generate resonance unanimously with viewers that read the articles.

Appropriate videos and additional photos can be added to web pages for enhancements if they serve the right purposes.

** The exhibition is permanent, however, the cost is merely a one-time preferential fee of 168 SGD or 897 RMB per topic column, this is a special concession for exhibitors who join in during the platform founding period. The normal fee is 300 SGD or 1600  RMB. It will be gradually adjusted upward to the original rate. ***

The topic columns are : the exhibitor’s artistic profile and art of works with their introductory write-ups, each and every piece of art and its introduction are an independent topic column. Maximum limit of word counts for all topic columns are not rigidly fixed, provided the descriptions serve the right purposes. Photos and videos of art making and exhibition activities can be added to enhance the topic. All pages of the topic columns will be composed in Chinese and English versions, no matter how many pages, it is still considered as one column unit for the topic, no additional charges will be imposed.   Horizontal art pieces with lengthy width will be added with a 90-degree flipping enlargement program for better viewing effect without additional costs for the exhibitors*

Some columns are free, such as the topic of artists’ copyright and the application form for copyright licensing of art pieces exhibiting in this platform, the form of purchasing order for exhibits, etc. no charges for all these topic columns. *

   * Participant who settled on【Beautiful PictureS】during the founding period of the Art Platform Group will have all their topic columns featured in both   【Artists Online】&【Art House Gallery】for free, without having to pay for the cost to enter both 【Artists Online】 and 【Art House Gallery】, not only simply saving two sets of participating fee, but instantly owns two additional personal art galleries online. Numbers of visitors and business opportunities will swiftly multiple in many folds!  This is a very generous gift for pioneer participants, you may click on the link of【Beautiful PictureS】for full details and grab the benefits ! *

**  Websites in the cyber space are the same as physical stores on the ground. The more branches and outlets the better, as they will attract more visitors and naturally business opportunities will be multiplied in many folds ! ******

* Only a small part of the one-time fees collected by the Art Platform Group Online from exhibitors is sort of a meager production fees, the rest are web hosting service fees that must be paid to the web hosting service company, as well as fees for search engine optimizations of certain major search engines. These are recurring costs that must be paid on an ongoing basis. However, permanent members need not have to worry about future recurring fees. ART PLATFORM GROUP ONLINE will allocate funds from the 15% commission of revenue generated from sales of tangible art pieces and copyrights to cover all recurring fees for permanent members. *

In order to reward all pioneer participants who join the art platform during its founding period, the founder generously awards all pioneer participating exhibitors with permanent membership for them to have a peaceful mind to continue creating their elaborate works of art without worrying about any future recurring cost of their participation in the permanent exhibition. *
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In addition to showcase and sell the tangible art pieces, the art platform group is solemnly dedicated in providing professional service to manage and market the copyrights of exhibits aiming to generate financial benefits for participating artists. Adequate funds are allocated for major search engine optimizations to empower high ranking search results.
Art creators are welcome to exhibit their selected pieces of works with the
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Copyright of Art Images Belongs to the CreatorCopyright of Art Images Belongs to the Creator
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