Art creators are welcome to exhibit their best pieces of works with the ART PLATFORM GROUP ONLINE and get their intellectual properties managed and get ready to aim for copyright transactions.
PERMANENT MEMBERSHIPwill be granted You may click here for enrollment now when the opportunity is still around !
   艺术家在线   艺术家在线
  Artists Online  Artists Online
Artists Onlineis one of innovative e-commerce website developed by the ART PLATFORM GROUP ONLINE , for fellow art creators in the fields of fine art painting, photography and calligraphy as well as seal engraving, pottery, sculpture in the 3D category to exhibit their works of art permanently, reaching out to net citizens everywhere in the world, so that art lovers can view and purchase the elaborate works of the participating artists.
At the same time this is an effective way to enhance the popularity of the artists who are participating in the long-term exhibition online.
1. Artists can provide two-dimensional or three-dimensional art works of various styles and categories, including painting, calligraphy, photography, seal cutting, pottery, sculpture, etc., for long-term exhibitions.
2. Artist’s profile is limited to
1200 words, write-up  for the art pieces is about 600 words. Both the personal page and the work page can be compiled with additional photos and videos.

3. One-time preferential fee of 150 SGD or 798 RMB per page to be paid for the permanent exhibition, a concession for exhibitors who join during this promotional period. The normal production fee is 290 SGD or 1543 RMB.

   Currently there is a good news that, special opportunity for all participating artists in "Artist Online" to join the "Art House Gallery" platform for free!  All their web pages will be compiled into the "Art House Gallery" for free !  More exposures more business opportunities for all participating artists!
Create Branding & Online Presence
Enhance Participating Artists‘ Reputations
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   艺术家在线   艺术家在线
  Artists Online  Artists Online
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